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Welcome to Focused Management where you will find practical solutions to strategic planning and business improvement.


At Focused Management we provide a range of products and services tailored to the individual needs of our clients.  The information contained in these pages is general in nature and for an obligation free insight into how Focused Management can assist you set and achieve your business goals please feel free to contact us.

Every business, large or small, new or old, can benefit from taking the time to focus on its objectives, create a plan of action and monitor the businesses performance against that plan. 

Strategic Planning is critically important for any business but it need not be an exhausting process or necessarily involve the creation of high level, glossy planning documents.  We can do that if there is a commercial need (i.e. raising capital and attracting investors) however if the objectives are internally driven then the planning outcomes need to be simple, flexible and incorporate clear a definable steps to implementation.  But why stop there?  At Focused Management we specialise in working with our clients beyond the planning phase, assisting with implementation, monitoring and making sure the strategies are real and the objectives are achievable.

If any of the following issues apply to you or your business then don't delay, talk to Focused Management about how we can help you and your business achieve their true potential.

  1. Too many tasks and not enough time
  2. Low return on owners effort
  3. Inconsistent, incomplete and over run with paper and files 
  4. Key person dependency 
  5. Difficulty managing the team
  6. Work flow management, write-offs or revenue leakage
  7. Low productivity
  8. Finding, training & keeping staff
  9. Inconsistent cashflow
  10. Your business is overtaking your life

focused management: a convergence of corporate development and strategy with technology and business improvement processes

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