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Business Coaching and Facilitation

Business coaching is an outcome of looking at the existing strategic plan and issues faced by the business and it's principals.  Through a regular program that reviews and challenges your activities in working "in" and "on" your business we can assist you implement your strategic plan and achieve your goals.

Coaching is a natural extension of Focused Management's One Page Planning process and will allow you to focus on specific activities and the introduction of processes and protocols to minimise the impact of the constraints on your business and introduce strategies for business development and growth.

All actions agreed during coaching sessions will be linked to your internal procedures and you will be assisted and directed on documentation requirements, implementation methods and troubleshooting.  Managing change is a complex process and the objectives will be to introduce processes in the business that are sustainable and fit the culture expected by the principals.

At an early stage we will look at performance monitoring and key performance indicators (KPIs).  KPIs will be examined and introduced progressively in three stages.

  1.  What you do now - financial indicators, project budgets and reviews.
  2.  Introduction to lead indicators and activity based KPIs
  3.  Remote management and manager performance objectives. 

Across all stages we will look at establishing business processes and protocols that will enable the principals to identify in their role and activities distinctions between:

  • Day to day operations
  •  Effective management
  • Business development (Marketing, new projects etc) and
  •  Developing the business (working on the business, strategic thinking, and strategic actions).

Coaching is an ongoing process and involves both strategic and management activities.  Coaching sessions at times will focus on big picture issues and at other times may be absorbed with troubleshooting specific business issues.

The long term benefits from coaching are best obtained with a greater time commitment and higher frequency over the first three to six months then dropping back to a program of monthly performance reviews and quarterly or half yearly strategic planning sessions.


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