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Business Improvement

The Process Improvement service draws on our years of experience working hands-on with accounting firms and will help you refine your major processes and identify critical areas for improving efficiency and effectiveness. The focus is on having 'the right people on the right job' which may mean eliminating steps in processes that are not required; or combining, altering or modifying steps within a process; or completely changing the people performing a particular step in a process. By improving your firm's internal processes you will improve efficiency and your effectiveness which leads to reduced write offs, increased productivity and improved profitability.


The focus of the Team Culture Development service is to provide a positive forum for partners, managers and all team members to offer constructive feedback and solutions to improve firm culture, creativity and enthusiasm within your firm. A major challenge for practitioners is knowing where to start and how to develop and nurture team members in order to reach their maximum potential. Every practitioner knows that working together as a cohesive team achieves better overall results than a group of individuals working largely independently, though improving team culture is easier said than done. The nature of this Team Culture Development process means it is best facilitated by an independent third party. We are typically able to extract far more candid and useful feedback and suggestions from a firm's team (and its Partners!) than a practitioner can achieve directly.


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