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Business Coaching

Business coaching is a relationship based service where the coach and client meet on a regular basis to review the performance of the business and specifically how the activities of the client influence that performance.

Coaching is an ongoing process and involves both strategic and management activities.  Coaching sessions at times will focus on the big picture and at other times may be absorbed with troubleshooting specific business related issues or celebrating successes.

At Focused Management coaching becomes a natural extension of our One Page Planning process and is introduced in the implementation phase of Strategic Planning or built progressively consecutive coaching sessions.

All actions agreed during coaching sessions need to be linked to your internal procedures and we can assist and direct on the most effective documentation requirements, implementation methods and troubleshooting.  Managing change is a complex process your objectives should include introducing processes in the business that are sustainable and fit the culture you expect from those working for you.

During the early stages of coaching we will look at performance monitoring and key performance indicators (KPIs) suited specifically to you and your business.  KPIs are generally examined and introduced in three stages.

  1.  What you look at now - financial indicators, project budgets and reviews.
  2.  Introduction to lead indicators and activity based KPIs
  3.  Remote management and manager performance objectives. 

Your Focused Management business coach will help you establish consistent and sustainable business processes that will enable you to differentiate and prioritise activities appropriate for:

  • Day to day operations
  • Effective management of people and resources
  • Business development, marketing, new projects, and
  • Developing the business, working on the business, strategic thinking and strategic actions.

Any business coaching process should yield results as soon as implementation commences, in fact at Focused Management we guarantee that from the first meeting you will be improving your business and developing the personal business skills required to sustain those improvements.  

Long term benefits from coaching are best obtained with a greater time commitment and higher frequency over the first three to six months then dropping back to a program of monthly performance reviews and quarterly or half yearly strategic planning sessions.

Not ready yet for Coaching!

That's OK, but our recommendation is that you follow this simple 3 step process:

  1. Start with the end in mind and set a simple target for what you want to achieve at some point in the future – say 12 months.
  2. Plan in manageable steps - this month, this week, today and even the next task.
  3. Review and sign off on your daily plan everyday and create a new plan for tomorrow.  And do the same at the end of the week and end of the month.

There is no need to plan every month at this point, just the next month.

 Now here is the key.

 Each of these plans needs to be based on what you want to achieve, not what you think you have to do!


Please feel free to contact us if you would like clarification or assistance. 

Email support is free of charge and your first meeting is also without cost or obligation.


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