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Business IntelligenceThe Business Intelligence range of services is an integral part of the Investor Ready process but is equally as important for businesses looking for growth and improvements without necessarily seeking additional equity. This service explores a number of processes that focus on assisting a business to operate more effectively and efficiently. It's a commitment to short-term and long-term business planning and ongoing strategic reviews.

Business Intelligence integrates with Investor Ready. This is because a project requiring outside investment cannot be put to the market without having a sound foundation supported by researched facts and a written plan for the way ahead. Business Intelligence answers questions such as:

  • What is the project or business?
  • What is the probability of success?
  • How do we implement?
  • What will the investor gain?
  • What will the owner gain?
  • What are the exit strategies and succession plans?

However, there does not need to be an investment project under way for a business to want to improve. Many businesses run inefficiently. In fact most businesses run inefficiently. Perhaps a business has been left with legacy systems and procedures that hamper the current running of the operation. In some cases, the owner(s) of the business have the drive and enthusiasm required to succeed, but not the technical or business knowledge.

Business Intelligence is focused on assisting the owner(s) and management team better understand what is happening in the business and the activities that underpid, or undermine its success.  Once identified the activities can, through a planned process, be managed, mitigated and improved to afford the business every opportunity for success. 

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