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Knowledge and Document Management

Knowledge Management, Document Management, Records Management, Procedures, Templates and the 'PAPERLESS OFFICE' - What do they all mean and how important are they to my business?

Regardless of your industry or the size of your business, standardised and systemised business processes will always differentiate the efficient businesses from the rests.

If you think about what you do each day, how you process an order, pay your accounts, set up a project or write a report, you will be following a routine that works best for you.

Consistency occurs when a business activity is repeated following the same logical process - step, by step.

Standardisation occurs when everyone in your organisation follows your consistent and approved process.  Efficiency is derived by critical review of the process.

Knowledge Management is about documenting your approved processes, capturing the experiences that you have learnt from and making that information readily accesable to your team.

Document Management is an extension of Knowledge Management and is the process and capability to easily store and retrieve your documented processes, captured knowlegde and standard business forms (letters, checklists, forms, spreadsheets, etc.).

The team at Focused Management have worked closely with businessfitness in the development and implemention of their bueiness over a number.  Focused Management continues to provide client sales, support and implementation services to Accountants and business clients in Western Australia.

Regardless of the tools being utilized, every business will benefit from planning, implementing and documenting their internal processes.

Focused Management have developed a unique process for identifying and prioritising the systems to be introduced in any business.  This process acknowledges the need for business continuation, process review and documentation to be undetaken concurrently ensuring maximum benefits can be derived from generally limited resources.

For an obligation free review of your business sytems or to request an on-site demonstration of HowNow please contact us.

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